Efficiency of machines and workplaces


    Always seek professional advice. Never do something by yourself just because you think you.know something out of a book. Those books are great, but only theoretical. In addition to theory, we also have a lot of practical experience to advise you. We do not advise you because we want revenue. But consulting on technical and technological issues in the woodworking industry is our passion and we want you to move forward with our passion.

    KEYCES and RD Engineering have more than 30 years of experience in consulting clients in the woodworking industry. No consulting firm in Vietnam has more theoretical and practical experience in the woodworking industry than us. Our experience is from many years of actual working with customers, not from book experience.

    Our advice is not to give up the old and use the new. Thí means we will consider which equipment can still be use and not necessary to replace. If something is not important for the process we recommand not to choose a supplier from Europe. What is important should consider using European products. 

    Our consulting services include:

    • Compilation of data - Analysis and investigation of the current situation
    • Production: Efficiency of machines and workplaces
    • Logistics: Is material and auxiliary material in the right place, at the right time? Stored in the right way for the right amount of time?
    • Processes: Are the processes in the right sequence?
    • Organization: Consistency of information from order entry through to shipment
    • Products: Are the design principles suitable for an effective production?
    • Product Engineerin
    • Recommendation in the organizational structure, conceptual work
    • Scheduling. What to produce first, where and when commission, etc.
    • Lead time definition
    • Routing and capacity visualization
    • Capacity planning and balancing
    • Ergonomics and Workplace design
    • Recommendation to improve the material flow
    • Recommendation in optimum transportation systems
    • Quality Management
    • Information Flow Design, Internal organization, ERP and IT Structure