imos - design and manufacturing software

    Previously, when designing furniture on AutoCAD in 2D, you had to give it to another department to draw more on that design details about production such as hole position, hinge drill position, groove ... With imos software, You can design furniture on 3D and details such as hole position, hinge ... will automatically displayaccording to design drawings. When you want to edit the size, the details will also automatically change accordingly.

    When the design is complete, you just need to transfer the information to the machine, and imos will automatically program the machine to run without any employee's impact.
    Without software, it takes 5-6 days to produce a kitchen cabinet. With imos software, it only takes 2 days from the time of order to delivery.

    In addition to "Designing", "Manufacturing" imos software is also used for "selling" on the web. You can sell furniture “Business to Business” online as you receive furniture drawings of partners who are architects, small factories ... and produce for them. Or can be sold directly to retail customers "Business to Customers".

    For more information about imos software, please contact Keyces.

Customers have invested in imos software in Vietnam