About us


We are specializes in Consulting Solutions in the Wood Industry. Customers invest in a one-time consulting service so that they do not make mistakes in the future about the production line, about the location of the machine, about which machine to choose for the right function. It is better for customers to spend only one time than to invest in machinery that later cannot be used to its full function or function according to the product to be produced. Working with us customers can rest assured that the outcome will be perfect for this consulting work. Because you are not the first customer that we consult. There is no consulting firm in Vietnam with more theoretical and practical experience in the woodworking industry than us. Our experience is from many years of actual working with customers, not just experience from books.


KEYCES was established in early 2019 by Mr. Ha Van Toan.

Mr. Ha Van Toan has worked in the wood industry for more than 11  years in Vietnam. Having lived since childhood in Germany (Stuttgart city, Southern Germany) Mr. Toan returned to Vietnam in 2010 and worked as General Director of Homag company until the beginning of 2019. Although he lived since childhood in Germany, Mr. Toan is very familiar. about the Vietnamese language and culture of the Vietnamese people, so they are very knowledgeable about the way of thinking and the needs of the Vietnamese people, especially in the wood industry.



RD ENGINEERING was founded by Mr. Roland Dengler in early 2018.

Mr. Roland Dengler worked in the wood industry for more than 30 years in Germany. From 1990 to 2018 Mr. Roland Dengler was responsible for Homag's global laminate flooring operations + other construction components such as doors, insulation, cement panels. During this time, he has advised 637 orders for flooring (231 Laminate, 280 Parquet, 126 MMF) worldwide. But international customers Roland Dengler have advised:  WILSONART (USA), DUARATEX (Brazil), FAUS (Spain), STEL (USA), KARELIA (Finland), ANHUI (China), TELL (South Africa), KENTIER ( China), EPCI (France), GOLDEN PALM (Malaysia), Sao Nam (Vietnam), ARTEX (Vietnam), A&M Woodenflooring (Vietnam), ANJI TIAN ZHENG (China), IKSALDE (Spain), FRAME (BRASIL), BAUDER ( GERMANY), TBI (Thailand), KITCHEN CENTER (Australia), BEIYANG (China), HEVEA PAC (Malaysia), Dongwha (Korea), An Cuong (Vietnam)


Christoph Köhrer is a senior advisor to the company L`ENGINEERS .

Mr. Christoph Köhrer has been in the furniture industry since 1992. He started as Productions Manager for a well known company for furniture in Germany. In 2007 Mr. Christoph joined the HOMAG Group  Engineering as a senior consultant. Since 2014 he works for his own consulting business with L'ENGINEERS.
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