Time is running very fast and with the time, technology changes rapidly. If you do not follow technology, you will sooner or later be behind your opponent. If you have something that your competitors also have, in the end you only compete on price. But there will be always somewhere who can offer lower price than you.

    30 years ago Mercedes thought about electric cars and also did R&D until the CEO said there was no need for electric cars so they did not do further research on this technology. Then Toyota introduce the Hybrid car and next the electric car. Now Mercedes started thinking about electric cars again. However their competitors were already ahead of them.

    Therefore you need to have new innovation  to set yourself apart from your competition and always stay ahead of that technology.

    With click furniture you can be "ready for the future furniture market". The idea of ​​“click furniture” is to make assembly easier and faster + save on shipping costs + increase accuracy and quality.Beyond these ideas and with the global Covid 19 situation. The furniture industry will change.The end user will be afraid of the workers going to the house to assemble, so the assembly will be transferred to the end user. And only with the click of furniture end user can assemble the furniture quickly and easily. 

    For sure the machine supplier can also advise you about click furniture. But  they only know about their machines for click furniture. They cannot fully understand the production process of click furniture like we do. Because in consulting click furniture, you not only need a machine but you also have to know the product model and drawing, work with a licence owner for click furniture, what tools to use, how to set up the factory etc. Also we provide independent advice. That means we will give you many choices about the machine supplier, the tool supplier, the licence owner. You will be the one to choose each of those them. .

    Let us advise you to get ready for the furniture of the future.


    "click furniture" là gỉ?  What is click furniture?

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