BUERKLE Brand Products

    About BUERKLE company

    BUERKLE Company was founded in 1920 in Freudenstadt, southern Germany. 2020 is also the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the company. With 100 years of establishment, BUERKLE company has a lot of experience in their products. Particularly in the wood processing industry, BUERKLE is divided into 3 areas:
    Door production line
    Flooring production line
    Laminate coating and laminating line

    BUERKLE previously focused on mass-produced client machines for doors and flooring, so the Vietnamese market was not a target for BUERKLE before. Recently, BUERKLE changed its strategy and wants to enter the Vietnamese market.

    In addition to the wood processing industry, BUERKLE also manufactures machine lines to make the following products:
    - PCB (printed circuit board)
    - Plastic Cards
    - Photovoltaic system (solar system)
    - Construction